My Novel, Quilandria

Doing science involves a certain approach and mindset. As many (such as Robert J. Scherrer and Freeman Dyson) have noted, one can gain a richer understanding of a scientific topic by taking off one's 'scientist hat' and additionally exploring that topic through the lens of fiction. The seed of this novel goes back to a Grade 11 Physics class, and I have been working on it intermittently since then.

  • Blurb. (Brief outline with spoilers removed.)

  • Critical Acclaim. (This dates back to a version of the novel written in my twenties. It's a bit silly but included here for historical reasons.)

  • These short stories started as chapters of Quilandria. They were extracted from the novel, revised, and polished, as a means of developing my creative writing skills. They have now been revised again and integrated back into a new version of the novel.

Other Short Stories

In contrast to the above published short stories, these ones are unrelated to my novel, Quilandria.

Writing and artwork by Liane Gabora. Do not use without permission.